Prince Shoes

In the poshest part of London you’ll find shoes fit for a Prince Regent. Strolling from the nearby Wallace Collection museum full of opulence of Louis 16th I passed these shoes in The Decadent Burlington Arcade and thought ‘nothing has changed’.

You can get said Prince shoes polished for eight quid (£8) by an old fashioned shoe shiner.

Its in the area of Mayfair, the most

expensive Monopoly street, where oil money and old money get ripped off delightfully with a well dress shop assistant smile.

In nearby Green park you’ll pay £3-11 for a deckchair, or you can you know, sit on the grass for free.

£3-11 to sit down.

In a deck chair, for a bit. Rented. You don’t even get to take the deck chair home with you…

Feels like monopoly.

Georgism is needed here.

Even the public toilets in Green Park tube station cost 50p and get a damning review on The Great British Toilet Map:

Toilets are pretty grim and not worth 50p, but that’s the cost all the same.

The Great British Toilet Map – accessed 30 August 2023

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