Straw man scarecrow lying under a tree looking dead. Stone circle in the background.

Hilly Fields Stone Circle

I found a straw man. Truly terrifying. Country bumpkin ways are alive and well in South London.

I found it after doing an Uber Eats bicycle delivery nearby of a breakfast sausage bap.

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a circle of stones in a park

Earlier in the year I cycled up Hilly Fields park for the first time.

It’s quite a hill, thank god for electric bicycles.

At the top and round the corner I stumbled across this stone circle. Now, normally stone circles in Britain are special things, tourist attractions like Stonehenge or there’s one in Glastonbury.

But without pomp or ceremony, here I stumbled on a stone circle in an otherwise average London park. Without a druid in sight. No entrance fee and no hippies touching the stones for good vides. Surprisingly.

I would’ve been more surprised, had I not been on holiday to Ireland this Summer where every farm has a stone circle.

“Arhh, yeah” my Irish girlfriend said. “That’s where the fairies live. It’s bad luck to clear it”

“I thought you had Leprechauns” I said.

“Leprechauns are just one type of fairy. In Ireland, we have lots of types of fairy folk” she said.

And my mind was blown.

And your mind will be blown too on a trip to Hilly Fields Stone Circle (if you haven’t already been to Ireland.)

Stone plinth says ‘SOLTICE’ next to ‘JULY’.
Stone plinth in the middle of the circle says ‘SOLTICE’ next to July. What happens here at the summer soltice? Do South Londoners sacrifice a virgin cow?

Afterwards I recommend a flying cycle ride down the steps down the back.

They aren’t too steep.

But do slam on your brakes at the end because, they lead out into passing traffic.


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