Logs and wood stumps in a circle around a black metal dome, in a woodland clearing, an open wooden shelter is in the background

Wildcat Wilderness

When I visited Wildcat Wilderness I didn’t find any Lions, Tigers or Panthers, but there were a lot of wild bramble blackberry bushes.

I visited in Summer of 2020 when I, and the world, had been hooked on the ‘Tiger King’ documentary on Netflix while stuck at home during covid-19.

Well Wildcat Wilderness in South London is nothing like Joe Exotic’s Tiger Zoo.

Instead it’s a delightful nature reserve, outdoor classroom and events space.

It’s more for school groups and not generally open to the public – so the best way to see the place is to volunteer with GoodGym and do a bit of gardening.

The idea with GoodGym is you get fit, meet people, while doing good in the community. What a good idea.

On the day I helped out we were clearing the orchard of brambles and it was a fairly good upper body workout.

Plus it was 1000-1200 on a Saturday morning so it gave me just the incentive not to drink five pints and 1000 calories of lager the night before so it had double the fitness effect.

Update 5/12/2020: I just realised, it’s called Wildcat Wilderness because it’s in Catford (South London.)

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