Half a luggage trolly is up against a brick wall as if disappearing into it. A woman poses pushing the trolley. Behind her is q queue of bored looking people, queuing behind snaking retractable queue barriers.

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 of King’s Cross Station is somewhat of a tourist trap for Harry Potter fans. Sitting actually to the right of platform 11, you can queue up to get a photo taken with the disappearing luggage trolley.

Fish eye view of Paddington station, panoramic, mostly empty station outside platforms 9-11 on the left, a crowd outside a brick wall, then train information boards to the right, with no crowds

Thankfully, there’s no charge to take your own photo, but I question if the queue is really worth it.

When you’re suspended from Hogwarts from r/BetterEveryLoop

Out of office hours the luggage trolley sculpture is removed, but I’ve seen drunk lad bright sparks improvising with a regular trolley, which looks more crap, but does avoid the queues. Magic.

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