The Queen’s House

The Queen’s House is an historic museum. In Netflix filming it sometimes doubles-up as a Queen’s House.

Please note – this is not the actual queen Elizabeth the 2nd’s house.

It’s not queen Elizabeth the 1st’s house either, despite it having a massive portrait of her above the mantelpiece (which cost a mere £8 million pounds.)

It’s actually some other old crony queen’s house. Queen Anne of Denmark, wife of King James 1st.

Apparently she accidentally killed his favourite dog while they were out hunting, he was pissed and swore at her in front of everyone. According to my sources he was pretty crude. She did not take this well and flounced off. In an attempt at an apology he offered her the jewels from the dog’s collar (worth £60,000) but she sent them back. She deserved more of an apology than that…

So he gave her Greenwich.

As you do.

It has a lovely ice-rink in the winter, around Christmas time, with views of the Christmas lights of Greenwich and Canary Wharf lit up in changing colours across the Thames.

You can thank Queen Anne of Denmark for that, she insisted no buildings were built to block her view.

Despite that she didn’t actually live there, it was more of a weekend party-pad and she died before it was ever completed. Her loss is our gain I suppose.

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